How We Are Different

A-Plus Proprietary Technology

Social, interactive and informative. Our technology tools are exactly what you and your attendees need to have an effective meeting or a meaningful trip.

We don’t just have technology for technology’s sake… our tools really make a difference, and yet we never lose the human touch.

A-Plus uses technology to make every aspect of the customer experience better – for both the meeting planner and the attendee. Our dedicated technology team improves event and meeting efficiencies by working 24/7 to ensure our custom tools operate flawlessly.

Meeting Planner Tools

Informational/Registration Websites

A-Plus creates a custom website for every program. Our designers create each site from scratch without using pre-fabricated templates, which means you’ll get a site that reflects your theme, brand and design parameters. You can have unlimited tabs and pages without constraints, and can seamlessly provide feedback through our onscreen editing tools that make it easy to track changes.

Online Attendee Management System

Need to let us know about attendee changes? Simply use our online form. Changes are completely trackable and will keep your invitee list updated and accurate.

Project Management

We provide reports on all timelines, tasks and progress against due dates in real time. Create a task for your A-Plus team members with an email and get notification when it’s completed. You’ll have the comfort of knowing everything is on track!

Ad Hoc Reporting in Real Time

Need data about your meeting fast? You’ll have access to our reporting system with room pick-ups, arrival/departure manifests, real time registration reports, and much more. Perform ad hoc queries on the data as you need it. Of course, you can always call or email our A-Plus data team to do it for you.

Attendee Tools

Mobile Apps

Our apps will keep your attendees connected and informed before, during and after the event. Attendees can view their personal agenda (showing them only the sessions they are involved in), their table assignments, social media connections, surveys, in-session polls and word clouds, copies of presentations, competitions and much more. The attendees can even take notes during the sessions on the app and they’ll be emailed after the program.

Airline Ticket Management

When attendees register for an A-Plus event, their airline request gets automatically loaded into our proprietary airline ticket management system. They receive their flight itinerary via email and can approve the flight with a single click.

Attendee Customer Service Tracking

We have a proprietary customer service tracking system that allows us to ensure every request is responded to quickly and completely. Nothing “falls through the cracks.”

Onsite Chat Groups

Communication is so important to attendees especially during incentive trips. Before each incentive trip, we set up a group chat app for attendees to build excitement prior to the program and then to share photos, meet up and communicate during the event. This feature adds to the sense of community for everyone involved and is very effective.

You only have one chance to make your event motivating. memorable. creative. life-changing. perfect.

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